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SC4 general ISO TC184/SC4 
SC4 general WikiSTEP 
SC4 general N-doc management using the new tool livelink 
SC4 projects STEP AP242 Project 
SC4 projects LOTAR(LOng Term Archiving and Retrieval) 
SC4 projects OASIS PLCS Data EXchange Specifications (DEXs) 
SC4 projects buildingSMART International Ltd. 
SC4 projects Plant: USPI-NL 
SC4 projects Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design 
SC4 projects ASD (aero, space, defense) Strategic Standardization Group 
SC4 projects The ASD Strategic Standardization Group (SSG) 
SC4 projects POSC Caesar Association 
SC4 projects OpenO&M (Operations & Maintenance) 
SC4 projects MIMOSA (An Operations and Maintenance Information Open System Alliance) 
National STEP centers USA: PDES, Inc. 
National STEP centers Germany: ProSTEP iViP 
National STEP centers Italy: DEPUIS 
Implementers SC4 Implementers Forum 
Implementers Eurostep 
Implementers ProStep 
Implementers Jotne EPM Technology 
Implementers PartDB CO., LTD 
Implementers IDA-STEP 
Korea sites KS Terminology Search 
Korea sites iCAD Lab. 
Korea sites 66th ISO TC184/SC4 Meetings 
Korea sites Macro-Parametrics 
Others Modelica, Simulation 
Others Use Dropbox for file share Livelink 
Others OpenO&M 
Others W3: SparqlImplementations 
Others INCOSE(International Council on Systems Engineering) 
Others OGP: Position paper on the development and use of international standards 
Others Virtual Factories and Enterprises 
Others Object Management Group Portals 
Others OMG Systems Modeling Language 
Others RISE Research Institutes of Sweden Holding AB 
Others COSD Support Site 
Others AeroSpace and Defence Industries Association of Europe 
SC4 projects STEPcode 
SC4 projects Cax-if 
Korea sites 산업통상자원부 국가기술표준원 
Korea sites 한국CDE학회 
Korea sites 한국스마트제조산업협회 
SC4 projects Scripting Applications for STEP Part 21 files 
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